About Dental Matter

Dental Matter is the ultimate inspirational platform by and for dental professionals. From experience, we know that each impassioned person harbours a story. A story about what made them the person that they are today. Passion, drive, and a love for beautiful and healthy teeth. On Dental Matter, these are the stories that take center stage. We do so by starting 1-on-1 talks with dental professionals. This leads to surprising, often emotional, but mostly elevating stories. Prepared to be inspired!

Core values


There is almost nothing as personal as your teeth. When you are able to help others get and maintain healthy, beautiful and strong teeth, you know your profession is special. Studying hard, possessing traits of perfectionism, and a drive to help people. They come together in a mix that makes those people unique. We want to take out some time to focus on this authenticity.

Sharing of knowledge

In dentistry, there are many different specialities. And you do not simply become a specialist. You have an ideal, a passion, or a bar that is set extremely high. The specialist also has a unique set of knowledge. And the really great thing about knowledge? You get to share it. This specific part of sharing knowledge is what we are the catalyst of.


Do you know that feeling of cheering lustily and full of conviction for that decisive goal? For getting a hole-in-one or feeling goosebumps all over when hearing your favourite musical composition? Well, these are prime examples of how passion plays an important role. Someone’s penchants, drive, or fire. That is what we want to highlight on Dental Matter.

Dental Matter is initiated by Spark